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What is the 'O!' ?  It's the response that is spoken when one discovers & understands the purpose of the collectible fabric keepsake included in each O! Card™.

Omniio is an innovative and inspirational gift company, providing customizable greeting cards that create positive emotions for birthday, wedding, thank you, love and more with coordinating gifts that celebrate the everyday moments of our lives. O! Cards™ are unique because they each include collectible fabric keepsakes, adorning the words from the card. When taken out and collected, the keepsake can be reflected on day after day... long after the life of the card. O! products coming soon include box sets of greeting cards, notepads, canvas prints, and O!-so-comfy Pillows.

Omniio's exclusive greeting card collections include our Heroes cards for military, Gnarley cards for surfers/beach-lovers, Comfort and Healing greeting cards, Great Outdoors cards including Realtree camo and many other card collections... found ONLY at Omniio. Wholesale is available for all O! Cards™!

"Have you had your O! today?"

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Quick Aim Great Outdoors greeting card featuring Realtree Camo


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